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Kid and Family Packages

At every family or child portrait session I strive to capture 
more than just how you look. My goal is to tell a story ... the story of 
your family. Who you are today, right now, in this moment. Silly three 
year olds are allowed (and encouraged!) to be silly. Moody teenagers
are never asked to say cheese. Don’t want to pose in front of the 
fireplace? Good, because I am not planning on asking you to. Family 
portraiture has come a long way in the last few years and there’s 
nobody more excited about it than me. So relax, let the kids pick out their own outfits, be yourselves and let’s have a blast

Single Child Session Fee ::$50::  
Kids Club Session Fee :: $100 :: includes 3 sessions (contact me for details)
Family Session Fee:: $75 :: For a single family group
Extended Family Session Fee:: $150:: 2 or more family groups

Please call or email for additional package and session information